A really, really ridiculously good looking vegetable…

DSCN0852So if a broccoli, a cauliflower and an asparagus engaged in a menage tois, their lovechild would be a rarely seen vegetable named Romanesco.


Walking around a grocery store with Romanesco is a lot how I would imagine walking around a grocery store with a cute baby, everybody stops to talk to you about your cute little plant. The difference being, of course, I am in no way responsible for the extreme good looks of this vegetable. Still, women stopped me “ohhh what a pretty little thing, what’s it’s name?”

Two other people approached me while I held the vegetable (tightly) to state “woah, looks like fractals.”

What did I do with this vegetable you ask? Well, cauliflower pizza crust seems to be all the rage lately, so I made Romanesco pizza crust instead. The consistency of Romanesco is much like that of cauliflower.  I used Xena, (my warrior food processor) to beat the crap out of this pretty little vegetable until it was the consistency of snow (yes, powder days are officially on the mind), then I used a cheese cloth to drain all of the moisture out, added some spices and parmesan, baked, and bam, I had a pizza crust.

Why make a romanesco pizza crust? Well, because it is a really, really, ridiculously good looking vegetable and a great conversation starter with all sorts of interesting folk at the grocery store.

Why not make a Romanesco Pizza crust? well…it’s expensive, and hard to find, and at the end of the day you may not really notice a difference between the romanesco crust and the cauliflower crust which is much more affordable (but not as good looking) – a hard call, I know.


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