Eat Like an Athlete Guest Post #2, Chris Miller

I met Chris Miller a little over a year ago at the Green Climbers Home in Laos (described in my Larb recipe post). He caught my attention a) by being an American East Coaster like myself,  and b)  by crushing, really hard. Lucky for me, I recently found out that I will likely have the opportunity to climb with him again next year in China. Since last I saw him the man has been busy, crushing routes all over the world (from Red River Gorge in Kentucky to Yangshuo, China), and picking up sponsorships with Goal Zero, Mad RockKAILAS and Discrete Headwear along the way. I don’t know if you want to take the guys’ nutrition advice, but then again, as I told you before, he’s crushing…hard.


“Jungle King” 5.12b – Thakhek, Laos. Photographer: Marcel Heemskerk
Hey what’s up everyone, Chris Miller here! As a rock climber traveling the world I’m exposed to a wide variety of foods so my diet is constantly changing. Before I delve into my nutrition/super delicious eating habits I have a confession…I know very little about nutrition. It’s terrible I know, but hey sometimes ignorance can be bliss! My standard “go-to” for determining if a food dish or meal is a keeper is based on how it tastes. If it tastes good, then hell- I can dig it! That being said I do have a few guidelines that I loosely follow with regards to my eating habits. Usually during a standard full day of climbing I eat a nice big breakfast, a small but energizing lunch and a massive delicious dinner. After a hard day climbing I try to make sure I get some proteins and carbs in during dinner, as well as a nice IPA or two. I love raw fruits and veggies, mainly because my culinary skills are lacking. I generally try to eat as little artificial sugar/sweetener as possible but let’s be honest, some of the tastiest treats are cranked with sugary sweetness! We only live once, and of course eating healthy is beneficial to a long life, but if you don’t spoil yourself every once in a while then I feel sorry for you. Just imagine a thin, lightly crisped pancake, filled with bananas and smothered in sweetened condensed milk. Yeah, that’s right. Go find one and enjoy it because they are f**king amazing! During my rest days from climbing my meals/diet differs. I don’t consciously focus on it but I tend to eat a lot on rest days; I’m talking six to seven hearty meals type rest days as if I’ve got permanent munchies. Sometimes I feel like a slug by the end of the day, but after several days of pushing myself mentally and physically while climbing, it’s well worth it. There are many athletes whose diets are very structured and specific and there’s nothing wrong with that. I just prefer to allow more freedom in my diet. If I stumble across a local Chinese or Thai dish that looks delicious I grab it and dig in, regardless of the nutritional value of it. If it’s super unhealthy I may not rush back to it anytime soon, but I was still able to experience and enjoy it.
“Over the Moon” 5.12c – Yangshuo, China
Photographer: Tom Skelhon
Fun Food Facts:
Favorite food: Lanzhou La Mian
Least favorite food: Anything containing congealed blood
Guilty pleasure food: Fried Dumplings
Fruits or Veggies: Fruits

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