Kind Bars: Won’t Save Your Life in a High Risk Situation; Sure Do Taste Good


I recently lamented to my friends at Sierra Rescue that my ski jacket had run dry of emergency bars. What is an emergency bar you ask? Well, it doesn’t have to be a bar, (a college friend was highly committed to the idea of emergen-cheese) but it is some type of calorie dense food that you keep in your ski jacket or life jacket or climbing pack that is packed with protein and sugar and calories, so if you are ever in a backcountry emergency you can count on a little, well, sustenance. It is best not to eat your emergency bar unless you are really in an emergency, stuck for several hours, far off in the back country, truly needing fuel to maintain life functions.

I ate my bar when my ski lift stopped…for five minutes…and I got bored. I was kind of hungry. But the kind folks over at KIND Healthy Snacks had just sent me some samples and they tasted really good and what if the lift was stopped for longer than five minutes? It seemed emergency enough. It was not.

According to Sierra Rescue, my greatest mistake was bar choice. “You can’t have an emergency bar that tastes good!” – I won’t tell you what flavor they suggest, but they’re on to something. Your emergency bar should not be something you desire, it should not be something you would ever consider eating if you were hungry or bored or looking for something yummy, it should taste awful, it should be something that will stay in your pack regardless of how hungry you get, it should be something you would only eat…in a real emergency.

So unfortunately, KIND bars don’t make the cut. Do not count on a KIND bar to save your life, because you will have already eaten it long ago. There are however, several reasons to keep them in your pack, with gluten free and high protein options they make a great climbing snack, and unlike a lot of other bars they don’t feel too dense or heavy. Some of their flavors are really unique, my favorite being the Cashew Ginger Spice and Dark Chocolate Chili Almond. I won’t say don’t put it in your ski jacket, I’ll just say don’t count on it being there when you need it!


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