Food Philosophy

Summit Sustenance specializes in plant centric gluten and dairy free organic cooking, however traditional fare is also available. I like to plate things deliberately, and with intent. I try to “eat like an athlete” regardless of how athletic I may be feeling. Much of my food influence comes from the places I’ve traveled to climb and raft, particularly Southeast Asia and South America. I strongly believe that there is no one right way to eat, and that every body will have a different set of foods that work best for it. You’ll find that I post a lot of photos and meal ideas without specific recipes, because I’m a “throw it all in a pot and see what happens” kind of lady, I like playing with different flavor combinations, not necessarily dictating proportions. I enjoy finding the deliciousness in nature, and testing myself to place traditional flavors and dishes under new parameters, experimenting with gluten free, paleo, and low or no dairy options. Summit Sustenance is here to help you with whatever style or type of food works best for your body. Holistic food doesn’t mean eating perfectly healthy at every single meal, it takes into account both the body and mind, finding foods that bring you strength, sustenance, and also joy.



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