Nut Buttery Goodness sold at Coffeebar

You’ve been to Coffeebar, remember? You said you wanted to get coffee but really it was just a front for bumping into that cute guy or girl you’d been wanting to talk to, or that person you really wanted to chat business with, or that friend that has been on your call list but it would be so much easier if you just ran into them- so you went to Coffeebar and it all happened. Because just like your desire for coffee was a front, Coffeebar is a front, they say they are a coffeeshop but really they are the epicenter of the Mountain Renaissance movement; a pillar of the community, a host for all things artful and interesting and forthcoming, a place where you want to go to just be. …oh, and it’s extremely convenient that they happen to serve really great diesel.  


A friend filed a formal complaint. “So, I looked at your blog and it’s great and all, but…I’m allergic to nuts.” Guess what friend, you’re just going to have to wait a week. 


Perhaps you’ve been curious about the food I make and what it tastes like, but the output of my personality within these blog posts has made you second guess whether you really want me to come into your home, understandable. Now you can safely try some of my food at a comfortable distance. 

Tis the season to be gifting, and now Elevated Cashew Butter and Alpine Almond and Coconut butter are for sale at Coffeebar – they make great stocking stuffers. 

And the timing could not be better, this week the New York Times published an article (see link) in regard to research investigating the use of nuts as a weight loss aid. Granted, the research has not been completed yet and the question not yet answered, however it is hypothesized that nuts aid in weight loss as they make people feel well satiated, they are high in protein, and as much as 1/5th of the fat in nuts is not even absorbed by the body. This all comes hand in hand with a new article being published by Kaiser Permanente encouraging doctors to recommend vegan diets to their patients. Big stuff.

…And in the midst of all of this cultural-artful-medical mumbo jumbo, I forgot to mention that i LOVE nuts, most specifically in butter form. As stated previously, anyone who knows me well or has gone on a multi day river trip with me knows that my diet consists of three food groups; vegetables, nut butters, and things that can go in, under, or around nut butters. Not to mention that turning nuts into nut butters means that I get to hang with my best gal pal, Xena the Warrior Food Processor. 

So go to Coffeebar – you can use checking out these new nut butters as an excuse to bump into that person you’ve been wanting to talk to 😉 and further elevating yourself as a member of the Mountain Renaissance movement.





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